Buying a property in Spain is a difficult and demanding task for first time buyers as well as experienced investors. On top of the sometimes complicated process, if you do not speak Spanish, the task is even more difficult.

Spain House Hunting makes the process of buying a property in Spain, smooth and fun. 

Requirements analysis

We will spend time to get to know you and what you are looking for in a property. This process is detailed, so that everyone's time is used in the most efficient way

Shortlist of properties

Based on your requirements we will make a shortlist properties for you based on your personal preferences, saving you time and effort

House viewings and assessments

We will accompany you to view your shortlisted properties and provide you with advice and information about the house, it’s condition and market value to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision


As your personal buying agent, we use our expert negotiating skills to secure the right property at the best possible price for you on the most favourable terms. We deal with the pressure of negotiations directly with the owner or with the real estate agent who has listed the property, so that you don't have to

Property analysis

Through our extensive network of real estate professionals, we will organise the valuation and technical assessments for your property at the best rates, so that the final deal is secure

Manage the legal process

We manage the legal process to ensure that the purchase proceeds smoothly to completion and that the property is given to you in the agreed way. We will keep you informed about all the legal procedures, accompany you to the signing of the purchase contract and to the final contract meeting when you receive the keys to your new home

After sales support

Our commitment to our clients does not stop when you receive the keys to your new home. We can help you solve problems and also help you with any home renovations that you want to do

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